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LumiCon Concrete Sensors

Get ahead of the curve with LumiCon Concrete Sensors

LumiCon Concrete Sensors provide real-time insights into concrete temperature, maturity, and concrete strength along with full visibility into temperature differentials and relative humidity.

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Truly Wireless Concrete Sensors

With LumiCon Concrete Sensors, you don’t need to be on-site to know the status of your concrete. Sensor data is sent directly from the job site to your mobile device where you can access it from anywhere and at any time. With LumiCon, you can monitor:

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Concrete Temperature

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Concrete Maturity

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Concrete Strength

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Relative Humidity

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Temperature Differential

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Why Lumicon?

Distributed sensing

Gain insights into the temperature differential inside concrete throughout the curing process with LumiCon’s distributed sensing capabilities.

Reduce monitoring cost

Reduce concrete monitoring cost by using LumiCon equipment which is recoverable and reusable across multiple projects.

Fast-track your project schedule

Optimize schedules and enhance efficiency with real-time collection of concrete temperature & strength.

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See The Difference

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Meet industry codes and standards:

ASTM C1074, ASTM D7949, ACI 305.1, ACI 306.1, and CSA A23.1/A23.2

Built For Construction

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Building Construction

Gain real-time visibility into concrete temperature, maturity, and concrete strength. Speed up your schedule for commercial and residential projects.

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LumiCon offers multipoint sensing to meet quality standards and track concrete maturity and concrete strength in real-time throughout the curing process of your precast units.

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Civil Infrastructure

LumiCon Concrete Sensors helps Project Owners and QC Managers meet industry standards set for large public construction projects such as transit, roads, and bridges.

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Industrial Construction

Monitoring concrete quality in large-scale industrial construction projects such as refineries, processing and manufacturing plants is made simple and efficient with LumiCon Concrete Sensors.

How It Works

LumiCon Concrete Sensing Solution can be set up in three simple steps.

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LumiCon sensors are easy to install. Simply secure the sensors to rebar with tie wraps.

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Plug the sensors into the transmitter node for wireless connectivity.

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Monitor the performance of your concrete by accessing real-time data available 24/7.

Real-time Data at your Fingertips

As a cloud based platform, LumiCon software is designed to work hand in hand with our wireless Concrete Sensors to provide real-time insights into concrete throughout your construction projects. Our software gives you the following features right at your fingertips:

  • Remote data transmission to your mobile devices
  • 100% visibility into temperature differentials between sensor points
  • Generate reports and share historical data with stakeholders
  • Set up customized notifications and alarms remotely
  • Monitor impact of weather conditions on concrete jobs with real-time weather data
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