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Cat® Hose

When it comes to hydraulics, you want the safest and most reliable components on your machine. That's why Caterpillar offers superior hose solutions.

cat hose assembly

5 Reasons to Choose Cat Hose Assemblies

  • Unrivaled Expertise
  • Rugged Design
  • Meticulous Manufacturing
  • Rigorous Testing
  • Unmatched Support.
5 reasons cat hose

Cat Hydraulic Hose is Durable and Flexible

The complete offering includes low, medium and high pressure, as well as specialty hoses that meet a wide range of application requirements. Every hose is engineered to surpass industry standards.

Engineered for Punishing Conditions

Robust, Multiple-Ply Construction Exceeds Industry Standards. The inner liner and cushion stock of the hose are made from a high-quality rubber formula proprietary to Caterpillar. Spiral or braided wire reinforcement is added for strength to surpass pressure requirements. Then a tough outer cover is applied to resist oil, weather and abrasion.

In-stock Components

Battlefield Equipment Rentals uses ongoing inventory analysis and management to ensure adequate components for customers’ machines are always available. In addition, Caterpillar backs up dealers with a network of strategically placed distribution centers in every part of the world to ensure continued parts availability.

Why is having the Cat part number on the hose label so important?

It’s all you need to order a replacement hose. The Cat part number identifies the hose assembly components and build specifications. So there is no need for Battlefield Equipment Rentals to measure or inspect the old hose to build a replacement.


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Compact Construction Equipment

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Earth Moving Equipment

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Agricultural Equipment

quality 4

Elevated Work Platforms

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Marine Equipment

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Lawn & Garden Equipment


Discover the value of using Cat Components

Whether you have one machine or one hundred, whatever your equipment or application, make Cat hydraulic hose assemblies your preferred connection. From expertise, design, manufacturing and testing, to unmatched support, the difference is in the details. And the performance is for the long run.

Cat Hydraulic Hose Service is currently available at a limited number of Battlefield Equipment Rentals locations.

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