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What Sustainability means to Battlefield Equipment Rentals

As a proudly Canadian company, Battlefield Equipment Rentals is committed to positively impacting our environment. With the support of our team, we are dedicated to providing our customers and employees with progressive company strategies that continues to improve the lives of our people, and the environment of the communities' in which we work and live.

At Battlefield Equipment Rentals we strive for a greener environment. By renting equipment we help reduce production and minimize waste. Additionally, the servicing and standard of the machine is maintained by our professional team. Meaning our equipment is serviced at high level, improving the lifecycle of each and every piece of machinery in our fleet.


Allow us to introduce you to our wide range of Sustainable Fleet Options

Download Green Product Options (PDF)

Environmental Sustainability logo only
The Green Leaf insignia is Battlefield Equipment Rentals' commitment to a greener, more sustainable future in the construction industry. The Green Leaf has been added to our equipment catalogue beside all of our greener equipment options. Battlefield Equipment Rentals will continue to invest and diversify our rental fleet wherever possible to offer a "green leaf" alternative for your equipment needs that will help sustain the environment. Please consider an alternative environmentally friendly product from Battlefield Equipment Rentals for your future equipment needs.
man operating heavy machinery

The innovative Cat 300.9D VPS with HPU300 Mini Excavator delivers versatility in a compact size with a choice of diesel or electric power. This innovative machine delivers zero emissions from electrical supply, low noise, superior power and control. Easily change from diesel to electric power. Both indoor and outdoor jobs are accessible with the under 1,000 kg (2,205 lb) weight making trailer transportation between sites easy.


Battlefield Equipment Rentals boasts a traffic control fleet made up entirely of solar powered equipment.

  • Message boards, arrow boards, speed control signs, traffic lights and auto flagmen
  • Low maintenance, low cost of ownership
electric generators

Revolutionary new Energy Boss power system pairs a 25kVa generator with a robust battery station eliminating wet stacking, reducing fuel consumption, reducing site noise.

  • Battlefield Equipment Rentals is the exclusive Canadian supplier for this product


We are proud to contribute to a circular economy in regards to our rental fleet. Each piece of equipment is inspected and repaired by our expert technicians to allow for a second life – to maximize their lifecycle value and minimize our landfill intensity. Each piece of equipment used and serviced in one of our facilities is inspected with our TRAC fleet management tool. Turning this entire process paperless was a big step in the company strategy and waste reduction program.

Understanding that our fleet vehicles is a main source of GHG emissions, we employ a replacement strategy to improve fuel options when acquiring new equipment. We use intelligent software to optimize dispatch, maintain an anti-idling policy for all company vehicles and vehicles on our properties, provide training and employ data management to monitor and encourage responsible driver behaviour and awareness of the value of conserving fuel to reduce emissions.

Our new eCommerce platform added convenience for customers as they buy, sell and consign used equipment, including work tools and compact equipment. Visit us here.


Battlefield Equipment Rentals' priority is the safety of our team members and the environment that surrounds us. By creating a safe work place with proper training, it holds our team accountable for positive change.

Across all our branches, we have begun the installation of energy efficient LED lighting, low flow toilets as well as filtered water system for both washing and drinking. We are working towards a goal of efficient operations across our entire business to improve our emissions as a company for years to come. 

Additional to our work environment, we are surrounded by communities that our team members and customers are actively involved in. At Battlefield Equipment Rentals, we believe in supporting our local communities and getting involved by donating equipment to local charity projects, sponsoring industry related events and supporting other community businesses.

Waste Management

Water Management Goals
Recycling systems were employed at 17 Battlefield locations to reduce water usage as well as improve water quality To grow this program across hub branches each year
Installed filtered drinking water stations to remove plastic bottles from our branches Continue to enforce this change at remaining location
Recycling Program Goals
TRAC system - Paperless reporting implemented into our processing system Continuing to find alternative solutions to paper reduction in office
Battery Deposits at all of our branches to keep out of landfill Continue to participate in the waste reduction program and incorporate tracking to calculate quantity of recycled batteries
Tire Recycling Program currently taking place at hub branches Have this initiative take place at all Battlefield Equipment Rentals locations
Aerosol Can Deposits installed at hub branches to control landfill waste and recycle these to scrap metal Implement this practice across all Battlefield Equipment Rentals locations


Short Term Goals

  • 100% LED Lighting in facilities
  • Evaluations of water saving solutions and metrics
  • Survey energy and water usage at all locations
  • Establish Training Hours calculation
  • Creation of environmental material – internally and externally
  • Sustainability landing page online

Mid Term Goals

  • Development of chemical and supplier waste reduction strategy
  • Research of Hybrid Vehicles
  • Implement branch equipment upgrades
  • Incorporation of sustainable messaging to software for customer facing environmental awareness

Long Term Goals

  • Research of potential carbon off-set credits
  • Continue sourcing electric equipment for rental fleet
  • Development of GHG tracking for rental fleet

Social - Our Team

  • 504 new hires in 2022
  • 100% of staff receive Health & Safety training
  • Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion - 15% of staff are Women

This commitment enriches our cultures and add important perspectives. This allows us to enlarge our access to talent pools including Canada’s indigenous people.

Social – Our Community Involvement

Active community involvement allows us to be represented in the places we live and work. While providing jobs and infrastructure to these locations, we also believe in giving back to these communities by volunteering and donating.

We continue to maintain some of our long-term partnerships, investing in key initiatives and support through our strategies, and will continue to grow these partnerships in the coming years.



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