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Construction Fence


Whether it's a construction job site, a propane bottle enclosure or a temporary compound for Christmas trees or a garden centre, Battlefield Equipment Rentals can provide the construction fencing you need which provides privacy, security and an image to meet the needs for your site.

Construction Safety Fence

Battlefield Equipment Rentals' Construction Safety Fence is a barrier around dangerous or restricted areas, and used to deter unwanted trespassers. The international orange is highly visible, easy to install and more economical than conventional chain-link or wooden fence.

T-posts are also available for sale, along with wire or zip ties to secure the fence to the t-posts.

Construction Safety Fence
MTO Approved Silt Fence

Battlefield Equipment Rentals' MTO Approved Silt Fence is a temporary silt control device that helps to prevent the loss of silts from a site during rain, or other run-off events. Silt Fences prevent silt contamination of sensitive areas such as neighboring properties, streams, and catch basins. Our Silt Fence is preassembled with posts attached to fabric, a marker line on the fabric showing anchor depth, and is UV stable black fence fabric.

Silt Fence
Rapid Roll Fencing System

Rapid Roll is the revolutionary system that allows you to easily set up, take down, protect and re-use your construction fencing material. Say goodbye to frustrating piles of wasted fencing and time-consuming setup and takedown and say hello to saving time, effort and money.
The Rapid Roll Portable Safety System can easily be set-up and taken down by one person in minutes, provides a stable, re-useable solution for indoor and outdoor projects of varying size.

Rapid Roll Fencing System

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